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Certified Ohio Peer Recovery Supporter Code of Ethics

Hiring an Ohio Certified Peer Recovery Supporter

The OhioMHAS Public Database to verify a Certified Peer Recovery Supporter

Supervising Peer Recovery Supports

An essential component to the incorporation of Peer Recovery Supporters in any organization is regular supervision. In making the decision to assign a supervisor Peer Recovery Supporters, take the following variables into account.

The potential supervisor should:

  • Have a thorough understanding of and believe in recovery
  • Believe sharing lived experience is helpful
  • Be available for regular supervision
  • Supervise no more than 5 Certified Peer Recovery Supporters.

Organizations interested in becoming certified for peer services may apply after July 1, 2016. In order to be certified, organizations must employ Certified Peer Recovery Supporters. Individuals who supervise peers must either be a licensed clinician or Peer Recovery Supporter with at least 5 years work/volunteer experience delivering peer services. Supervisors must complete the 16 hours of E-Based Academy courses specific to peer services and complete the 4 hour in-person OhioMHAS Effective Supervision of Peers training. 14 of the 16 hours of E-Based Academy courses provide Continuing Education Credits. Currently, most courses are available on the E-Based Academy. Individuals interested in supervising Peer Recovery Supporters may begin taking the online courses by visiting Additional courses will continue to be added. OhioMHAS is working to schedule regional 4 hour in-person supervision training. Please visit the OhioMHAS training calendar for details.

Peer Services in a Recovery-oriented System of Care

Peer Services are a process of giving and receiving support and education from individuals with shared life experiences. Peer Services are provided by individuals in recovery from mental illness and/or addiction who use their lived experience as a tool to assist others by sharing their personal journeys and knowledge. Individuals engaged in peer services play a vital role in laying the foundation for sustained recovery. They encourage, inspire and empower others to set recovery goals and achieve them.