Statewide Learning Series

2020 Ohio Peer Recovery Supporters Learning Series

Designing Our Future

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Have you got an idea for a recorded webinar for the 2020 Ohio Peer Recovery Supporters Learning Series?

Please check this site for updates and information related to the call for proposal presentation dates.

Workshop proposals are due by EOB Friday, July 17, 2020

The selection committee is open to a range of workshop possibilities.  This year’s theme is “Designing Our Future.”  We are especially interested in workshops that will leave attendees with new, practical information and skills they can immediately apply in the field.

•             Design your 60, 90, or 120 minute course. Please indicate the amount of time you imagine your course will take to complete.

•             Include all slides, power points, etc.

•             Include a brief description of the course and course goals.

•             Include 3 learning objectives for your learners.

•             Create 7 multiple choice questions for students to take at the end of the course.

•             Complete the disclosure statement

•             Include your resume.

•             SUBMIT ALL MATERIALS IN A SINGLE E-MAIL TO 2020LearningSeries@ThePEERCenter.org

  1. Cultural Competence
  2. Human Trafficking
  3. Benefits Planning
  4. Trauma Informed Care
  5. Ethics
  6. TAY
  7. Opioid Epidemic
  8. Opioids: What are they?
  9. Mobile Response Crisis Team Peer Supporters
  10. Parent Peer Supporters
  11. Youth Peer Supporters
  12. MAT
  13. De-escalation Techniques
  14. Grant Writing
  15. Suicide – Lora Pots
  16. Homelessness
  17. Transitioning into the Workplace
  18. Workplace Issues
  19. Social Media and TAY
  20. Balancing the Peer and Professional Relationship
  21. Self-Care
  22. Culture of Poverty
  23. Resiliency & Relapse
  24. Implicit Bias
  25. Spirituality in Recovery
  26. Veterans
  27. Sexual Assault in the Military
  28. Domestic Violence for both men and women (how to assist)
  29. Motivational Interviewing
  30. Trauma Informed Peer Support
  31. Burnout
  32. Exploited Peers in the Workforce
  33. Grief and Loss
  34. Peer Support Panel to discuss their job issues and concerns (e.g. cultural diversity, ethics and boundaries)
  35. Faith Based Recovery System
  36. Transitioning from Prison programming
  37. LGTBO+
  38. Panel of Community Resources

Do you have a different idea?  Let us know.  If you have a unique idea and need assistance in developing your presentation, please contact 2020learningseries@thepeercenter.org, we would love to hear from you.

Deadline for submission:  July 17, 2020

For more info, contact:  2020learningseries@thepeercenter.org. The full invitation will be sent out via MailChimp.